PTA Family Fund

New York City schools suffer from chronic underfunding that impacts core educational functions.  For example, with the budget provided by the City, PS 281 can’t afford to include technology instruction. The PTA needs to raise funds to bridge that gap and fund the major programs. We ask each family to make a financial donation to support these activities.  Our Family Fund is our most efficient fundraiser and raises over half of our annual budget. Ultimately, the amount we ask of each family is small compared to the full value of your child’s education (just think how much private school would cost!)

HOW MUCH should I give?

The suggested donation is $1,500 per child, but no amount is too large or too small. All contributions work toward our school-wide goal of 100% participation. All donations are tax-deductible and are kept strictly confidential.

The best way to support the River School is with a recurring monthly donation.  This gives us a steady income stream throughout the year, and means you don’t have to spend as much money all at once.

How much would you spend on your child’s education?

You can also make a one-time donation here:

WHO is the donation going to?

The PS 281 PTA is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations to PS 281 PTA are tax deductible. If your employer offers a matching gifts program (click here to find out if they do), please consider taking advantage of it to benefit the school.

WHERE does the money go?

Watch this video and see for yourself!

96% of every dollar donated through the Family Fund directly benefits our children and pays for enrichment programs, teachers’ professional development, supplies, and other resouces not covered by the Department of Education’s budget.

Employer Matching

Many employers will match employees’ charitable donations! You can use Double Your Donation to find out if your employer provides matching contributions. It’s free money for the PTA!

We appreciate all your support and help. Let’s make this year a success!