Afterschool programs will not be able to operate onsite at the River School for Fall 2020. Virtual and offsite options for River School students are listed below. Contact each vendor listed below directly for updates.

Imogen Foundation

We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the Imogen Foundation (IF) to build a new, comprehensive after school program for The River School community. IF’s goal is to offer families a remote, high quality, enrichment support during these challenging times.

IF Afterschool is a part of the Imogen Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting the social and emotional learning of children and teens through project-based learning, youth leadership, and literacy. The IF Afterschool founders have over 20 years of experience developing and running programs for Manhattan Youth.

While we do not know when school buildings will become available for in-person afterschool programming, IF is working exclusively with The River School to develop and implement online activities so that your child can participate in real time with River School peers. We are hoping that these synchronous sessions will help ease our students’ transition back to school, and provide a sense of togetherness for children who are apart.
For more information and to enroll in classes, please visit:

To speak with the IF Afterschool Program Director for PS 281, please email

Big Apple Sports

September 9, 2020  – November 6, 2020 – Offered Monday – Thursday

Big Apple Youth Sports will run in two sessions this fall. This registration is for session 1. 
The program runs 4 days a week between the hours of 3:05 to 5:05 PM. All classes take place at St. Vartan’s Park (35th and 1st Ave).  
All classes are coed.  Class sizes will be limited to 12 students. These Times/Location are based on the BOE and are possibly subject to change. 

Mondays: Running Bases, European Handball, Kickball, and Hit the Deck: Grades 1-3

First Class: 9/14/20 Last Class: 11/2/20
Fee: $258

  • The focus of this class will be on basic skill development in a variety of fast paced sports. We will be working a lot on throwing, catching, movement without the ball and other skills via drills and scrimmages.  
  • Class is fast paced and will be high energy but is a good class for beginning athletes 
  • Pickup will be at St. Vartan’s Park at 5:05 PM till 5:10 PM 

Tuesdays: Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, & European Handball: Grades 3-5 

First Class: 9/15/20 Last Class: 10/27/20
Fee: $301

  • This class for older students will be more advanced, focusing on more complex drills and sports. 
  • European Handball is a highly active passing game where players run and pass a ball down the floor in an attempt to throw the ball into a guarded net about the size of hockey net.  This game emphasizes movement and finding open space. 
  • Pickup will be at St. Vartan’s Park at 5:05 PM till 5:10 PM 

Wednesdays: Soccer, Kickball, Dodgeball, & Hit the Deck; Grades 1-3 

First Class: 9/9/20; Last Class: 11/4/20
Fee: $387

  • This class is for younger students; we will work on simpler drills, emphasizing hand eye coordination, agility, and balance and spend extra time to make sure our students have a strong understanding of the games. 
  • Big Apple will runs drills and games that will emphasize player development, sportsmanship, agility, hand-eye coordination and in game communication.  
  • Pickup will be at St. Vartan’s Park at 5:05 PM till 5:10 PM 

Thursdays: Hand Touch Football, Soccer, Dodgeball, & Running Bases; Grades 3-5 

First Class: 9/10/20 Last Class: 11/5/20
Fee: $387

  • This class is designed for older students; they will compete in a variety of more complex sports. 
  • In this class we will go over throwing and catching on the run, formations, and run more difficult drills for hand eye coordination and stamina. We will play more scrimmages in this class than the others. 
  • Pickup will be at St. Vartan’s Park at 5:05 PM till 5:10 PM 

(212) 987-9865/53 to join the fun
Click here for more information and to register:

Born Kickers

September 14, 2020 – November 27, 2020

  • Mondays at Asser Levy Park (23rd/1st Ave) – 3:45pm & 4:30pm
  • Tuesdays at St Vartan’s Park, skills session (35th/1st) – 2:30pm – 3:30pm

The Born Kickers Soccer School at PS281 provides an entry point to soccer for boys and girls ages 5 to 7. With locations in Manhattan, the structured and fun weekly practices lay the foundation for future success in not just soccer, but all sports and learning activities. Players should meet our coaches at the fields (rather than at school)  

Parents can enter the discount code PS281Fall for the 10% discount at


September 8, 2020 – December 17, 2020

Offered Monday-Friday

CenterStage offers a variety of virtual and offsite musical theater classes (as well as private piano, voice, acting, dance, guitar, and instrument lessons) for PK-5 Monday through Friday. Visit or call (347) 815-9606 for more information.  

River School families receive a free 45 minute Centerstage workshop with signup.

Code Advantage

CodeAdvantage is excited to offer classes online. Please use code: PS281 for $25 off a CodeAdvantage class. 

Please email with any questions.

KP for Kids

September 14, 2020 – January 29, 2021

KP for Kids is the consistent, reliable after school activity your children will love! The online schedule will rotate daily, with the last 30 minutes of each class focusing on one these unique aspects: Kata; Self-defense; Japanese terminology; Point fighting/kumite skills; Core strength/Pilates training; and of course, Meditation. By rotating the emphasis daily, every day is different – and every week engaging – regardless of how many days you participate!

For new students, so we have created a special New Student Option – 10-weeks of classes for $250. This is an introductory half-semester so that new students can get a feel for the KP karate community, our students and our instructors!

We know students are missing lots of social experience right now, so we will be holding pop-up classes at various outdoor locations around NYC this fall for our REGISTERED ONLINE STUDENTS. Anyone who signs up can come join us for these outdoor, socially-distanced, mask-wearing, weather-permitting classes!

Please visit for more information and to register.

Loop Sports

September 14, 2020 – October 27, 2020

Please be aware that Loop Sports for Kids will be running differently as we will adhere to all CDC recommendations for running programs. We will have smaller groups, require all children and staff to wear a mask, check everyone’s temperature, disinfect everyone’s hands, and disinfect all of our sports equipment. Our buses will also only be filled at 50% capacity which will mean that no one will be able to share a bus seat unless from the same household and all children will be buckled in at the window seat. The school buses will also be disinfected.

Our priority is your children so we will do our best to make sure they are safe while attending our afterschool program.
Our registration form is now available on our website We will not be asking for a deposit but full payment in September for the fall program which will go until the end of October. Filling out the form will ensure a spot is available for your child. Space will be very limited this year due to fewer available seats on the buses.
You can also sign up to register for session 1 of ice skating in November and session 2 of ice skating in January.
Please email or call with any questions (917) 514-6514.

PS 281 Chess Club and Team

September 24, 2020 – January 28, 2021
Offered Thursday Team, Monday – Friday Daily League $595

Even though this Fall we will be completely virtual, in many ways, our team becomes more important than ever. Not only will we continue to strive to help guide and develop our players and team with an eye towards chess excellence, we also look forward to creating meaningful social opportunities and allowing our students to connect to a great social community, through creating shared goals and team identity. As we enter our Fall season, we have created new virtual opportunities that will allow for our team to grow and compete. Our team will continue to meet on Thursdays, and in addition our kids will have free access to our Daily League at 6:00 pm (Monday through Friday). Our league will provide access to like skilled competition against players and teams across NYC with updated individual and team stats and standings. Through the success of our virtual migration which started last March, we are confident that not only can we adapt to the new virtual world, but together we can thrive. 

Visit for more information and to register.

Tennis Innovators

Tennis Innovators has outdoor tennis programs available in Riverside Park and Astoria at this time. Please visit their website to register, or to stay tuned for programs closer to PS 281.

Professional Taekwondo

Professional Taekwondo offers a program for more experienced students. Please check their website for details on virtual and offsite classes.