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Send a message to your child with an ad in the River School Yearbook! 

The River School PTA is offering families the opportunity to place ads in The River School’s 2018-2019 Yearbook. It’s the perfect opportunity to place a keepsake message to your child, letting them know how proud you are of their accomplishments this year. Or send a message to your favorite River School teachers or staff members to show your appreciation for all their efforts!  Click here for the order form and to learn more.

Submit Your Child’s Photos to the River School Yearbook!

We need your help to make the yearbook as representative as possible! Please submit  your favorite photos of any in-school activities (first day of school, Family Fridays, culmination or holiday celebrations, etc.), field trips, PTA events (Thanksgiving Potluck, Family Nights, etc.), or afterschool activities (Wingspan, Chess Club, Tennis Innovators, etc.) so that we can  consider them for inclusion in the 2018-19 River School Yearbook.

There are three ways to submit photos.

1) Go to: link.entourageyearbooks.com
2) Search for and select “River School PS 281 (2019)”
3) Log in as prompted
4) Select a photo category (Afterschool, Classes, Events, Field Trips); if you are not sure which category to submit to, select “Miscellaneous”
5) Upload your photos!
6) Add caption/comments/quotes (it’s especially helpful if you can identify who’s in the photo and at what event)

TO SUBMIT VIA PHONE (for iPhone or Android)
1) Go to the app store on your smart phone
2) Search for “Entourage Yearbooks”
3) Login with the same username and password you used to login to Link

1) Attach photos you’d like to submit to an email

2) In your Subject line, use a category tag from the chart below 
3) Email address is the tag’s corresponding address in the chart below
4) Press send and all the photos in that email will go to the correct category
Afterschool Tags Afterschool Tag Email
ABC Languages submit+778043@edophotos.com
Chess submit+778050@edophotos.com
CodeAdvantage submit+778045@edophotos.com
Crossover Sports submit+778046@edophotos.com
Little Kickers submit+778047@edophotos.com
Loop Sports submit+778048@edophotos.com
Professional Taekwondo submit+778049@edophotos.com
Simply Sports submit+778051@edophotos.com
Tennis Innovators submit+778052@edophotos.com
Turtle Bay Music School submit+778053@edophotos.com
Wingspan submit+778044@edophotos.com
Classes Tags Classes Tag Email
PK-200 (Kelsey) submit+760470@edophotos.com
PK-210 (Melissa R) submit+760471@edophotos.com
K-212 (Danielle & Jillian L) submit+760469@edophotos.com
K-214 (Amy O) submit+760473@edophotos.com
K-226 (Jillian G) submit+760472@edophotos.com
1-310 (Melissa P & Natalie) submit+760475@edophotos.com
1-312 (Leah) submit+760476@edophotos.com
1-314 (Erika) submit+760478@edophotos.com
2-300 (Nicole) submit+760479@edophotos.com
2-304 (Julie & Lauren) submit+760480@edophotos.com
3-612 (Amy B & Lacheal) submit+760481@edophotos.com
3-614 (Jordan) submit+760482@edophotos.com
4-610 (Meredith & Marjorie) submit+760483@edophotos.com
5-600 (Kelly & Ashley) submit+760484@edophotos.com
Grade 5 Baby Photos submit+788567@edophotos.com
Gym submit+776599@edophotos.com
Music submit+778039@edophotos.com
Science submit+778040@edophotos.com
Recess submit+841748@edophotos.com
Events Tags Events Tag Email
First Day of School (Sep 5)  submit+760458@edophotos.com
Welcome Picnic (Sep 7) submit+760459@edophotos.com
PK-K Family Night (Oct 12) submit+753476@edophotos.com
Halloween Parade (Oct 31) submit+760462@edophotos.com
Grades 1-2 Family Night (Nov 2) submit+760463@edophotos.com
Thanksgiving Potluck (Nov 16) submit+760464@edophotos.com
Snowball Singalong (Dec 13) submit+760466@edophotos.com
Grades 3-5 Family Night (Jan 11) submit+792144@edophotos.com
Valentine’s Day Dance (Feb 14) submit+824787@edophotos.com
Read-a-thon/Used Book Fair (Mar 15) submit+824789@edophotos.com
Enrichment Tags
Enrichment Tag Email
Art Farm in the City (PK) submit+841726@edophotos.com
Launch coding & robotics (Grades 2-5) submit+768538@edophotos.com
Studio in a School art (all grades) submit+768539@edophotos.com

The deadline to submit photos for consideration is APRIL 8.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at pta.yearbook@ps281.org

Many thanks!
River School Yearbook Committee