School Mascot Search

This month the River School is looking for a new mascot and everyone is invited to join the search party.

The Search Party

All Members of the River School Community, including parents, teachers and staff can submit their ideas. Group submissions are allowed but only on submission per person will be accepted.

The Rules

The mascot must be a noun (a person, animal, place, or thing) that includes “River” in its name. Alliteration is encouraged but not required. (For instance, River Otters, River Riptide, River Rascals, and River Wave would all be acceptable; River Really and River Fast would not be.)

Submission Instructions:

  • Download and print this document: School Mascot Search Submission Form
  • Write a short paragraph describing why you think your idea should be the mascot. (Students may have help from parents or others in writing the paragraph.)
  • Draw a picture of your mascot. Please note that your drawing may be used as inspiration for the final design of the mascot but will most likely not be used as is.
  • Drop off submissions in the entry box in the main office.

The Deadline

Submissions must be received no later than Friday, February 1, 2019.

The Winner

The Community Event committee (consisting of five River School teachers) will review all submissions and pick three finalists. Students will then vote on the three finalists in class to select our new mascot!